Saturday, January 8, 2011

I only write about sad things lately on here.

Today is my Uncle's funeral.
He was a young, seemingly happy man who committed suicide on New Years 2011.

I'm so upset at him for doing this even though it feels wrong to be upset.
I should be sad but instead I hold feelings of resentment towards him for doing this to his family, to his 3 young children, to his girlfriend who stood with him all these years.

I'll get over it one day but it'll take a little bit.
Every time I see his children I can only think of how my sister felt when her father committed suicide and how heartbroken she was.
His children were way younger then my sister.
I feel really horrible for them.

It just started raining.
And I'm wearing a dress to this funeral. Smart choice? Probably not.

In loving memory of Charles. <3>

Monday, January 3, 2011

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

how was bruno mars? :D

Of course it was good. The concert part wasn't even totally amazing, it was just nice to get dressed up and do something fun on Maui for once. Also chillin' with my bestie and taking my little cousin to her first concert was the best. <3 I also, tripped down a stair and tricked the MACC ticket lady into letting Richelle sit by me. She wasn't very happy and told me to turn off my BlackBerry later cause the flash. OH WELL. (:
I enjoyed. Wish you coulda came still.

Ask me whateva you like.